At the Youth Intervention Centre we offer counselling to those aged 5-25. We know that being a young person can be hard enough on its own some days let alone when we have other struggles happening too. The aim of counselling is to give you a space where you feel completely safe to be yourself, talk about what is affecting you and to work together to help you feel more supported, calm and happier.

The therapists at the Youth Intervention Centre are all trained in an Integrative model which means that they have knowledge and experience of many models of therapy rather than just one type. This typically includes Person Centred Therapy (PCT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Gestalt as well as many other models and approaches that are therapist specific such as a range of creative therapies, mindfulness, solution focused etc.

All our rooms and spaces at the Youth Intervention are designed with you in mind. We have comfy, mature spaces for older young people to chill out and feel secure to talk and work through their issues in a positive way, as well as having more playful child-focused areas where art and play therapy approaches take the forefront of the work. Although that’s not to say our older ones don’t equally enjoy the play and art just as much (sometimes even more than the younger ones!)

We believe the relationship between client and counsellor is one of the most important parts of counselling. Our main aim during sessions is to allow you to feel safe and comfortable so that when you feel it's right you can start to talk about some of the things that are troubling you. 

Our whole approach is based around you and what you want from counselling; whether that is an ear to listen, coping strategies to take away or a place where you can completely be yourself and begin to explore some of the things that are causing you distress.

Sessions last between 50-55 minutes and run once a week. We have pre-determined time slots available with times throughout the day and the evening, however our evening slots are often in high demand.

Our therapists also hold membership with the National Counselling Society (NCS) and abide by their strict guidelines and rules to help keep you, and us, safe and protected at all times during our work together.