Can we pay for sessions in bulk, can we pay for sessions as we go?

Of course you can! We know that everyone has different financial situations and therefore we are more than happy for you to pay for sessions as you go or to pay in advance for a set amount of sessions. When sessions are booked as a bulk of 6 sessions it will cost you £275 rather than £300.

What times can I book sessions in for and how often?

We have fixed time slots throughout the day and in to the evenings.  We currently do not work on weekends. All counselling sessions are carried out on a weekly basis.

Why do you charge £50 an hour?

Currently we feel that this price recognises the skills, experience and training our staff have undertaken whilst still remaining as affordable as possible to the majority of people. 

Please see below for other ways of funding this if needed.

Will you come to my TAC, TAF, review meeting etc.?

Yes, we can. Although we do still charge £50 an hour for meetings.

Will you write reports for my social worker, school, CAMHS worker etc.?

Yes, we can. Although we do still charge £50 an hour for report writing or £25 for half an hour.


I'm struggling to pay the fees, is there anywhere I can go for help?

You may also be able to gain support with funding in the following ways:

  • If your child is involved with social services or has a social worker.

  • If your child, or you (as the young person) may be in receipt of DLA (Disability Living Allowance) or PIP (Personal Independence Payment) which can be used to pay towards such things as therapy and counselling. 

  • You may also want to talk to your school about how they can support you as schools can also buy in to our services.

  • Some charities may also be willing to help with such costs.

Is your building accessible?

Unfortunately our centre is situated on the top floor and requires you to go up two flights of stairs to enter. The building has no lift either. For this reason our centre may not be accessible to some. Don't let this stop you from using our services though, as we're always flexible and happy to talk further about this and how we can help.

Why do you have such an in-depth risk assessment?

We ask parents/carers to fill in an in-depth risk assessment the first time a young person accesses our service; whether this is just a 2hr workshop or long-term 1:1 work. We ask this so that we can meet the needs of all our young people as thoroughly and appropriately as possible. It also allows us to make sure we are safeguarding the young person, other young people and our staff to our best ability at all times.

Do not worry if you answer yes to some questions - you will never be judged! (Trust us, we've worked in lots of settings and we've seen it all!) 

In some rare cases we may feel that we are not the most appropriate support for your young person and that we may not be able to meet their needs successfully. This is a rare situation, however, if it happens we will make sure to support and signpost you to more appropriate support.