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Our TREE group stands for:

  • Trauma

  • Relationship

  • Emotions

  • Enjoyment 


TREE group is for those who have experienced trauma and are struggling with their emotions. During the six sessions we work through a range of emotional literacy and regulation skills while using creative tools & approaches to help build safe and accepting relationships with themselves and their peers. During this time we also discuss what trauma is and how this can affect our emotions and our ability to form relationships with others. Some of the other creative tools we may use are Lego, art, play and sensory approaches.

Our TREE group typically runs once a week for six weeks. Each week the group spend about an hour together, talking, playing games, having fun and getting to know all about trauma and how it effects us.

The types of young people who benefit most from our TREE group are:

  • Young people who may have been bereaved.

  • Young people in the care system.

  • Young people who have been adopted.

  • Young carers.

  • Young people who have siblings with additional needs.

  • Young people who have experienced or witnessed abuse.

...and other young people who have experienced trauma in their life that may compromise their emotions or emotional systems.

We can run our TREE group for any ages from 5 to 18, however we do ask that schools and teachers try to keep students at a similar age for each group; key stage groups tend to work best. For example if we had a group with two 5 year olds and two 11 years olds in, then this wouldn't be as appropriate.

The TREE group is limited to a minimum of four and a maximum of 6 young people.

The cost for the full course of six sessions is £595, this includes a free consultation/meeting with the school or teacher prior to starting.

TREE group is a school based group. If you think this would be useful for your young person then please feel free to let your school know about our provision. If you are a school or a teacher, then please get in contact for further information.

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