We are very keen to help support schools and their young people. Supporting the mental health and well-being of young people is our passion and we strongly believe that if young people are supported emotionally and their mental health is treated as a priority then many barriers to learning are removed and education can be more successful and rewarding for them.

What we can offer you:

  • 1:1 counselling or intervention sessions with students.

  • Group work such as mindfulness, art, play or lego based therapy, social skills groups or our TREE Group.

  • Small group or 1:1 training for teachers or teaching assistants in a range of therapeutic skills; e.g. basic sandtray work, sensory awareness, working creatively, holding group sessions etc. 

  • Engaging and interactive workshops based around mental health and well-being for classes or small groups.

  • Consultation with leadership members and pastoral leads in how mental health and well-being can be incorporated as a whole school approach.

  • Consultation with specific class teachers in the best ways to support individual students in the classroom who have complex mental health or social, emotional or behavioural needs.

  • Skills and experience to work with complex mental health, emotional, social and behavioural needs.

  • A full day(s) or half day working with you to help meet the needs of your young people. 

As part of the Early Help system offered through local authorities and partner agencies we understand the important role the school can play in meeting those Early Help needs of young people.

Providing young people with high quality Early Help can be pivotal in a successful outcome and positive impact on the young person and their futures, including their education. It's important for schools to understand their role in delivering Early Help and how we can support them to meet those needs.


Our full day (6 hours) rate costs £250, which we discount from £300.

Our half day (3 hours) rate costs £150.

If you just require our support for one session then our hourly rate is £50.

Give us a phone call or email to discuss your needs in more detail, we are really flexible and can cater our skills to meet your needs in the best way possible for you, your school and your young people.