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After your initial enquiry to the Youth Intervention Centre you will be invited to an initial meeting where you'll be given the chance to have a look around our space and meet some of the staff and possibly your therapist before making any decisions to attend counselling.

This initial appointment is attended by the person wishing to have therapy, or if the appointment is for a young person, then the young person and their parent/carer should both attend. The appointment lasts for approx. 20 mins and during this time we run through how counselling works and what would be expected from you.  We can also offer this appointment to adults by telephone if needed.

Prior to your attendance at the initial appointment we will have emailed or sent out to you a risk assessment. We ask parents/carers (or yourself if you're over 18) to fill in this risk assessment the first time someone accesses our service. 

At the end of your initial appointment we actively encourage you to go away and talk or think about whether you feel we are the right match for you. 

We will make sure we have looked through your risk assessment and if we feel we are the right support for you and you have let us know you'd like to start sessions then we can begin a discussion about what times would best fit you.

In some rare cases we may feel that we are not the most appropriate support for you or your young person and that we may not be able to meet your needs successfully. This is a rare situation and if it happens we will make sure to signpost you to more appropriate support and in accordance with GDPR your risk assessment will be destroyed.


It is important to remember that the initial meeting has no obligations and there will never be any pressure on you to book further appointments.

If you're interested in booking a free 20 minute consultation for counselling please email us:

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