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All staff at the Youth Intervention Centre have Enhanced DBS checks and work professionally, following the most up-to date safeguarding training at all times.

Mollie James         Kerry James

Mollie James


Mollie is the Co-Founder of Youth Intervention Centre. She is also a qualified psychotherapist. Within YIC she works as a therapist, intervention worker and one of the safeguarding team.

About Mollie:

Previous to setting up YIC I worked at a local alternative provision school in Dartington. While I was there I created and delivered specialist therapeutic interventions to students aged 5 – 16 to allow them to feel nurtured, listened to and understood. I'm a big believer in the power of relationship, so it was my job to help build caring and stable relationships with young people who may not have experienced that before.

Prior to that, I also worked as the Autism Specialist at a large mainstream school in Newton Abbot where I learnt a great deal about SEND needs and supportive interventions.

While training as a counsellor I also had a placement at City College Plymouth which allowed me to expand my experience on working with young people by seeing clients who were aged 16 and above.

When I'm not working I love to spend time looking after myself and focusing on self-care. I love to paint and spend time in nature, but I equally love relaxing, watching films and playing games!


Kerry​ James
Counsellor, Clay Conversations Practioner & Practice Manager


Kerry is the Co-Founder of the Youth Intervention Centre. Kerry is a qualified counsellor and clay conversations practioner.  She also runs the day to day management of YIC and is a member of the safeguarding team. 

About Kerry:

Before starting YIC with Mollie in 2018, I worked as the Exams Officer for a local alternative education provider. Working there gave me a real passion for helping young people to achieve the best they can regardless of their circumstances. 

I spent my training and placement hours working in a local hospice, offering support to people receiving palliative care or dealing with bereavement and loss. I also worked in a local secondary school, increasing my knowledge and experience of the difficulties faced by our young people and supporting them through these.  I have experience of health issues, auto immune conditions and chronic life long illness and understand the difficulties and challenges this can cause both to yourself and your loved ones.


My heart lies with the relationships I foster with all ages and seeing the empowerment and confidence that often comes from having someone sit beside you, listen deeply and offer guidance and support to the challenges you are going through.  I am a creative, patient, down to earth person with a wide range of knowledge and experience, both in my work and my personal life.


When I'm not working at YIC, I like to play with clay!  I find clay very mindful and a real outlet for stress.  I also enjoy gardening (soil & clay, there's a theme here!) and walking around the gorgeous South Devon countryside, coastline and particularly Dartmoor.  You'd probably be surprised to hear that I also love gaming and I'm not averse to binge watching a good Netflix series!

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