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We are not currently offering any workshops but do please take a look below to see a couple of examples of what we do alongside ones we have run in the past.  If you are a school, agency of some kind or business that would be interested in us running a workshop for your young people or work placement/staff then please do email us at for more information and discuss your requirements.

Please note: A risk assessment and full payment will need to be taken first, before your workshop can be confirmed.

Exam Stress

Duration: 4 weeks (each session will last one hour)


Facilitator: Kerry James

Ages: Generally those in Year 10/11/12 & 13.

Details: Exams are meant to be a stressful time and a little

anxiety is normal.  However, when this starts to affect your day to

day life then that's the time to sit down and get some support

with what you are going through. 


This workshop is aimed primarily at

young people taking their GCSE's or A Levels (or equivalents)

although it can be adapted for other exams and ages just let us know when you call us.  

You will spend each week working through a set structure which will include: what is stress & anxiety, why do we react the way we do, ways of being more organised, managing deadlines & revision, ours and others expectations, mindfulness & self care, who can help when it all feels too much, and the future.  

Each week we will use different creative mediums to help with the issues you are having (don't worry, you don't have to be arty!) and work through your difficulties so that you feel more able to manage your workload and reduce your daily stress.

Picture of hands working on a clay sculpture of a woman

Managing Anxiety

Duration: 4 weeks (each session will last one hour)


Facilitator: Kerry James

Ages: Any age

Details: We all have anxiety at times and sometimes it can even be

helpful! However, when anxiety starts to take over our day to day

life and interfere with what and how we do things, then it's time to

get some help and understand what's going on and why.

Each week, using different creative mediums (don't worry you don't need to be arty!) we will explore what is causing your anxiety and why.  We will then look to understand it and work together to find ways of managing your anxiety to a point where you feel happier. 

This workshop is aimed at people where their anxiety is fairly new or maybe around something very specific.  If you have had a deep rooted anxiety that has been affecting you for a long time or have a diagnosed anxiety condition, then this might not be the right course for you and it may be that more long term counselling would fit better.  If you're not sure whether this would work or then please give us a call to talk more about it.

Some other workshops we have run previously are:

  • Art Journaling

  • Sensory

  • Mandalas and Individuality

  • Empowerment

  • Affirmations and Self-Identity

  • Mindfulness

  • Worry Boxes

  • Lego Therapy -  Mollie is a qualified Lego Therapy practitioner and runs these in small groups of three to enhance social skills, connection and communication with others, turn taking, listening skills, problem solving and more.  

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