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"Thank you for all you are doing for my daughter. She really feels a strong connection with you and the sessions are already helping her to process and make sense of the things that are worrying and upsetting her. She has been singing your praises to me and her friends, saying that you 'just get it' and are cool and awesome." - Parent (Counselling) 

 "Thank you so much for my daughter's workshop she loved it. She struggles with separation anxiety and she took to the group instantly and I was able to leave. Such a lovely atmosphere and wonderful people. Happy to recommend and I am sure so many young people will be helped and supported through this special place and team." - Parent (Workshop) 

"My counsellor was easy to talk to and I felt they listened to me. I felt safe with them and in the room. I liked seeing my feelings using the characters" - Young person (Counselling)

"My son looks forward to every session. I like the friendly atmosphere and the small group sizes. My son has been using the techniques at home too." - Parent (Mindfulness club)

"My son was initially reluctant to attend the Mindfulness Club, but he absolutely loved it! I am sure that it has helped him deal with his anxiety. You have a lovely, warm and welcoming atmosphere & he instantly relaxed." - Parent (Mindfulness club)

"The sheets that Mollie gave me really helped and when we did activities I could take them home and refer to many different ways of staying calm." - Young person (Counselling)

"Thank you for helping me!" - Young person (Counselling)

"I liked making the glitter water bottles as they helped me to calm down a lot." - Young person (Counselling)

"Mollie was easy to talk to and made me feel safe. The coping strategies like meditating and creating a coping box were helpful. Thank you, it was perfect for me" - Young person (Counselling)

"My son was delighted to come each week and really looked forward to it. It is so important for children who struggle with the constant focus and pressure on academics to have the time and encouragement to focus on positive mental health. Thank you!" - Parent (Lego Club)

"My counsellor helped me to cope with managing my emotions, and how to calm myself when I start getting upset" - Client (Counselling)

"I liked decorating biscuits and making stories. I really enjoyed it because it was fun and helped me with lots of things" - Client (Counselling)

"I enjoyed the sensory activities and the art as it took my mind off of the other problems" - Client (Counselling)

"There were so many activities I enjoyed and found helpful like: making a coping box, crafting, drawing, using glitter and making a sea and beach box" - Client (Counselling)

"My counsellor really listened to me and made me feel safe. I found the coping strategies like meditating and creating a coping box most helpful" - Young person (Counselling)

Thanks again so much for everything you and Mollie did for my son and us. I know it may not have seemed like it, as he always seems very well adjusted when he’s out of the house, but honestly, our home life, and his general sense of well being and happiness have changed (for the better!) beyond recognition. Please pass on our thanks as ever to Mollie. - Parent (Counselling)

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