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As well as offering counselling we also offer 1:1 intervention to young people. This is a service aimed at young people who may have a more specific or targeted goal. Intervention sessions are a lot more structured than counselling. There is set work to do and tasks that revolve around the reason the young person is attending.

Parents are typically more involved with our intervention sessions as we make sure to discuss appropriate goals for the young person with you. We then regularly communicate and share strategies & techniques with you so that work learnt during intervention sessions can be carried on at home.

Intervention is typically short term with most lasting 6 weeks. We can do more long term intervention depending on the goals you want to work towards and the need and ability of the young person. 

Some examples of specific goals & interventions we've worked with before are:

- Mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

- Managing and understanding worries.

- Accepting and coping with mistakes.

- Building assertive skills.

- Learning and applying social skills

All intervention sessions are 1:1 and run by a qualified therapist. They last for 60 minutes and cost £50. 

Get in touch for more information or to arrange a FREE initial meeting.

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