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The Youth Intervention Centre is a private counselling and therapy service in Ivybridge aimed primarily at supporting young people through mental health and emotional difficulties they may be facing.

We can also provide therapy and support to those over 25 years old with matters around, and relating to, family concerns.

Our main service offered is counselling and therapy. We primarily accept referrals from young people, parents and carers, however we can also and have accepted referrals from educational settings, health care services, charities and other agencies.

Our team have skills and experience working with people of all ages, with a wide range of needs including:

 Anxiety & depression

Self harm

Coping skills

Low self-worth &  esteem

Emotional dysregulation

Trauma & Disassociation


Feeling lost & unsure



Gender & sexuality

If you're interested in booking a free 20 minute consultation for counselling please ring us on:

01752 896260

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